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Modern design is a style that originated in the 20th century. It was created by designers who sought to merge form and function in the construction of buildings and interiors. This style is often associated with the German Bauhaus school of design and is also influenced by Scandinavian designs.

The key traits of modern design are clean lines, neutral colors, and a lack of clutter. They are a stark contrast to the Gothic, Renaissance, and Victorian styles that preceded them.

Neutral color palette: Whites, beiges, and earth tones are popular choices for modern designs. These can be used as an accent or main hue in the room.

Chrome and stainless steel: These metals are frequently used in the furniture of a modern home. They are often brushed or polished and feature a high shine that complements the sleek lines of the furniture.

Large windows: The use of large windows helps keep the space open and airy while bringing natural sunlight into the room. They also help accentuate the light and airiness of a space, making it feel more spacious.

No clutter: The minimalist approach to modern design means that no knick-knacks, pottery, or collections are allowed in the home. This is an excellent way to keep your space feeling airy and clean while allowing for maximum functionality.

Mysticism: The occult and symbolism of ancient cultures is resurfacing in a new and exciting manner in modern design. This trend involves iconography and imagery that relates to astrology, talismans, and divination.

These designs are slick and professional, with every detail carefully chosen to achieve the perfect balance between bold and luminous. They never veer towards ostentation, but are always awe-inspiring and highly desirable.

Lori Berenson

Lori Berenson, based in Miami, is a masterful designer with a fearless eye for style. Her portfolio is filled with stunning rooms and sweeping exteriors that are full of incredible elements that enhance each room’s architecture in unique and memorable ways.

Her design aesthetic is a mix of contemporary and classic influences that create spaces that are effortlessly livable yet opulent at the same time. She is a master at making even the most cramped condos feel as expansive as the most expensive mansions.

She uses color to set the stage for her interiors, creating a cohesive vibe throughout each area in the home. From the foyer to the kitchen, her designs make the most of each space.

In her portfolio, you’ll find bold and enticing color combinations that work well with the homes she’s designed. She pairs them with dazzling patterns that are never too loud for the vast rooms in her portfolio.

This designer’s style is reminiscent of Art Deco, but her take on the decadent design style has been inspired by modernism and architecture. Her interiors are a visionary mix of textures, materials and artistic touches that imbue them with a sense of luxury and artistry.

She is one of the top interior designers in the world, and she’s renowned for her ability to make even the most edgy spaces feel inviting and calming. Her designs have been featured in multiple publications and prestigious awards, proving she’s a talent to behold.

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