Floor Lamp Empire Shade

floor lamp empire shade

A floor lamp empire shade is a good choice for brightening up your home and adding to its style. This type of lampshade has a wider bottom ring which casts more light downward than upward, so it can help to make a room feel more spacious. It is also a very versatile shade which can fit with any kind of lamp base, and there are many styles and colors to choose from.

When choosing a new floor lamp, it is important to consider what its purpose will be and how you plan to use it in the room. Some people may want a floor lamp that is purely decorative, while others may need it to provide extra light for reading or crafts. If you are using it as a reading lamp, a full spectrum LED bulb would be ideal because this will reduce glare and clarify the contrast in the pages of your book or the colours of your craft projects.

If you are planning to place it more as a focal point in a room, then the design of the base is a big factor to consider. Look for something that matches the overall style of your room and fits in with the other lighting fixtures such as overhead central lights or wall lamps. A classic style of lamp is a torchiere, which usually aims light upwards to illuminate the ceiling and create ambiance. It is a well established design that works very well in most rooms, particularly casual living spaces.

Another type of floor lamp is the arc lamp, which is usually designed to arc up from the base in an almost zigzagging fashion. This makes it a good choice for hanging above an armchair or sofa and providing focused light for reading. It is also possible to find a halogen arc floor lamp which uses a high-intensity bulb that produces a more natural-looking white light for enhancing the colours of fabrics and objects in the room.

The cost of a floor lamp is often more than a table lamp or desk lamp. This is because they are typically much larger, and they can involve more materials than other lighting fixtures. Some may be more expensive than others depending on the quality of materials used and the design.

If you are interested in making a DIY floor lamp empire shade, there are many kits available which will contain everything you need to get started. These typically include a pair of rings for a lamp base, precut self-adhesive professional PVC panels, a 3-metre roll of tape, a finishing tool for tucking the fabric under the frame and a set of photo instructions. All you need at home to complete the project is a woven fabric that suits the size of your shade, and a clean flat surface to work on. A kit will usually cost around £30 and is a good option if you are not confident in your sewing skills.

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