Furniture Colour Trends 2023

furniture colour trends 2023

If you’re looking to revamp your interior, you may be wondering what furniture colour trends 2023 are hot this year. While you don’t want to be boxed into one particular color scheme, it’s important to know the trends so you can make the most of your home’s aesthetic and personality.


In the past, uplifting shades such as tangerine, pale purple and baby pink may have been associated with children’s rooms. However, these soft hues are now making their way into living spaces in a more sophisticated and mature manner. They can create a bright yet airy effect and pair beautifully with earthy tones like moss green and terracotta.


Blue continues to be one of the most popular colors for home interiors, with different shades offering a variety of design options. From Benjamin Moore’s Starry Night Blue to Farrow & Ball’s Kittiwake, this versatile shade is invigorating and calming at the same time. It pairs well with crisp white for a classic coastal look or can be used as one solid block of color for a more monochromatic serenity.


Red has also been a popular color in recent years and it’s back in full force for the spring/summer 2023 season. In fact, Graham & Brown chose the Color of the Year, Alizarin, which is an auburn red shade that adds warmth and depth to a space. If you’re not a fan of a bold hue, try pairing a classic floral print, such as Florenzia Dusk, with the color for a subtle yet chic look.


A natural and calming option, earthy tones are also a trend that’s here to stay in 2023. Browns, beiges and terracotta shades are on the rise and can be used to create a neutral backdrop that’s paired with luxurious materials like velvet, sheepskin and wood. The dark varieties of these tones also create a sense of grounded stability, which is perfect for a bedroom or living room that’s meant to relax and unwind.

The darker shades of this tone are also popular in kitchens, where they pair well with bronze and copper finishes. However, it’s important to avoid pairing this shade with too many other bright hues. It’s best to balance earthy tones with neutrals or other earthy tones, such as khaki and tan, for a balanced look.

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